Light Pollution in Your Life: Impact on Driving, Health and Home Safety Views on light pollution from the Insurance Industry

Light Pollution: The Dark Side of Outdoor Lights   A excellent tutorial about light pollution.

Are Artificial Night Lights Among Threats to Declining Reptiles?

Artificial Light in the Environment: Find out how an “absence of darkness” affects astronomy and life on the road.

Dark Sky Society’s Guidelines for Good Exterior Lighting Plans

Ecological Light Pollution: Information on how species interactions have been changed by artificial lighting.

The Economics of Global Light Pollution: How much is light pollution costing us and how much would it take to fix?

The Fading Milky Way

The Fading Universe (Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine)

Global Assessment of Light Pollution on Protected Areas: Which countries are causing the problems and which ones are taking steps toward the solution?

The Heart of Darkness, Montana Outdoors: Scotobiology, the study of the effects of light pollution on living species and the environment.

Impact of Outdoor Lighting on Moths: The populations of moths are declining. Is this trend tied to the use of outdoor lighting?

International Dark-Sky Association

Light Pollution Images U.S. 1950-97, with future projections

Light Pollution in the United States: This essay argues that not enough is being done to stop light pollution.

Lights Out for Loggerhead Sea Turtles


Missing the Dark: Health Effects of Light Pollution

National Park Service on Light Pollution

Night Lights: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Outdoor Light Pollution Standards: Arizona State University

Outdoor Lighting Tips to Avoid Light Pollution

Preserving Dark Skies: Explore ordinances that municipalities can adopt to reduce light pollution.

Skyglow/Light Pollution

Studying the Ecological Impacts of Light Pollution on Wildlife: A report on lab and field experiments pertaining to the subject.

Task Force to Study Lighting Efficiency and Light Pollution in Maryland

View of the Nighttime Sky, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wehr Astronomical Society Finds Shield Up = No Difference

Yerkes Observatory and Light Pollution

Yerkes Observatory Light Pollution Map

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